WeDTC Training Center Life

WeDTC Training Center Life is a division of Student Affairs that is committed to promoting engagement at the center and in the community. In all programs and activities, we strive to create opportunities that are educational, inclusive, leadership-focused, sustainable, and healthy.

Through a variety of initiatives, WeDTC Trainee, Course, staff, and Center community experience activities that facilitate learning and personal wellbeing.

Divisional Units

Admission office

Admission officer aims to help trainees with online application guidance and registration with all the details you may need as well.

Student Organizations, Leadership & Engagement

SOLE advises WeDTC’s student organizations, and strives to empower through active engagement with an emphasis on fostering student-led organizational development, leadership, and service.

Career center and advisory

Career Center helps you throughout your career choices and development, and employment search, especially that at WeDTC equal opportunities matter. Both Trainees and Job Seekers meet are welcome at WeDTC Career Center.

Training Center Resources & Services

Sponsorship Opportunities

WeDTC Scholarship is available in all WeDTC training courses and programs that serve students (Individuals & employees), and trainees groups.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Training Center is located in the heart of Kigali, on KN 70 St, in 3 rd Floor, Florida House WeDTC departments works hard to accommodate training period functions, as well as welcome new trainees to join and enjoy being one of WeDTC community.
Whenever Trainees has any enquiries can contact for support at Contact us

Highlight Areas

Basic Needs and Support

Up-to-date information on Current and new Courses, programs, and events around the training center to make sure the WeDTC community is basic needs secure are found on our website and at training center office in Kigali, contact us for more details.

Arts and Culture

The arts are transformative, cultural and identity expression are critical to student development, and creativity is essential to a vibrant community..

Diverse Admit Welcome - Freshman

Connect with people with diverse backgrounds, ethnicities and interests on our multifaceted Training center and discover endless ways to expand your horizons through these Trainees Community Welcome events. Get to know Kigali from diverse communities by attending these fun, student-led events designed for new admits to Wedtc.